“We are Arvot my friends!”


Joe Nebbish currently lives with: BAUSY

Bro Nebbish currently lives with: Temple Sinai

Arvot Song

We are Arvot my friends

Our Ruach never ends

We sing and dance, we also like to pray

We know we are the best

We are above the rest

We are Arvot, oh yes we are Arvot

(na na na na na na na na)

We are the Nebbishes

The Nebbishes are we

We never lose our Nebbishes ability

We are the best of all the rest

We are the Nebbishes of USY!!!

Arvot Chapters and Presidents 2020/2021

TBDUSY (Palm Beach Garden) – n/a

BRUSY (Boca Raton) – Hannah Feingold & Miriam Waltzer

CSK (Boca Raton) –  Elan Goldman

TTEUSY (Boynton Beach) – n/a

BTBRC (North Miami Beach) – Zoe Goldemberg

Beach USY (Palm Beach) – n/a

TBTST (Tamarac) – Noah Gilman

BAUSY (Weston) –  Jenna Koplo

Temple Sinai (Hollywood)- n/a