Regional Song


(To the tune of “You are my Sunshine”)

We are HaNegev, we are HaNegev

And we’ve come right here to say

We are the southeast, the greatest region

And we’ll blow the Yankee’s away

We come from FLORIDA!!!

Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia too

We’ve got the peaches; we’ve got the beaches

And we’re known as the cotton pickin Jews!

Tennessee, the Carolinas, Barbados, Puerto Rico too (Oy Vey!)

We’ve got the sun; we’ve got the fun

And we’re known as the shakin bakin Jews!

Chusy’s got Ruach, Crusy’s got Ruach

But HaNegev’s got Ruach to keep us going strong

We’ve got Ruach in Atlanta

Ruach in Savannah

Ruach on Miami Beach Beach Beach!

We’ve got Ruach on the surf and Ruach on the turf

And Ruach that no one else can beat!!!

By the shore (by the shore)

By the sea (by the sea)

HaNegev was made for you and me!


We will try (we will try)

To keep our banners flying high!

H A Negev, H A Negev, gooooooo HaNegev!!!

(To the tune of “Turkey in the Straw”)

We are HaNegev Region

We’re the best in USY

We have got that Ruach

And it ain’t no lie

We have been to the top

And we’re never gonna fall

So all we have to say is “Shalom Ya’ll”

Arvot! Mercaz! Ein Gedi too!

Three great sub-regions coming to you

So you see down here in the South we say;

“We’re the best damn Region in the USA!!!” And Canada!!!