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Meet The Members!

Regional Executive Board

Sara Beer

Regional President 

I am from Weston, FL – from BAUSY! buzz buzz!

My favorite USY moment was during Regional General Board Weekend in 2017. I was a young leader and it was my first official USY convention. During the convention, all of the 9th graders went through an induction process led by the SRP’s. It was so much fun and it was the moment where we all got a chance to understand why USYers are so passionate about this incredible organization. From then on, I wanted to become involved in any way that I could.

At the top of my bucket list, I really want to make the best gluten free bread and travel to Israel!!!

A Jewish food that would best represent me, I think is Matzah Brei! You see, matzah on its own is pretty good, but it’s not too over the top. Just like matzah, I can be very chill and simple at times. However, when matzah then becomes matzah brei, it’s an entirely new experience! It has more flavor and it’s super fun!!

Regional Executive Board

Gabby Bengelsdorf

Executive Communications VP

I am from Nashville, TN – from MTUSY!!

My favorite USY moment was when Arielle Frank told me that she was proud of me and that I should keep going forward in USY because my passion was not unnoticed.

My favorite thing to do when I have free time is do art projects while I binge Netflix rom coms!

The color of my toothbrush is dark green but in spirit it’s blue with pink accents.

Regional Executive Board

Sadie Klaff

Religion/Education VP

I am from Orlando, FL COSUSY

My favorite USY moment was singing Sloach songs with a bunch of strangers at Gesher Convention but feeling so safe and secured with my now best friends.

At the top of my bucket list, I want to go to Bora Bora and skydive!!!!!

A Jewish food that would best represent me, would honestly be, Schnitzel because liked the fried chicken, I always fry when I go outside.

Regional Executive Board

Noam Bernstein

Israeli Affairs VP

I am from Boynton Beach, Florida CSK Chapter

My favorite USY moment was in 2018 when I attended the March For Our Lives in Washington DC with USY. It was really cool seeing everyone come together for a common cause and it felt great to be with my USY community.

At the top of my bucket list, I want to visit as much of the world as I can.

A Jewish food that would best represent me, would be burekas because I have good texture on the outside (I am an interesting person) but I am also warm and comforting on the inside

Regional Executive Board

Levi Lebovitz

Social Action/Tikun Olam VP 

I am from Atlanta, Georgia

My favorite USY moment was during my freshmen regionals. It was themed Husy’s Bar Mitzvah, and during the party, they did the Horah. I got lifted in the chair and ended up just body surfing on everyone. It was so thrilling!

My favorite thing to do when I have free time is listen to and play music. I appreciate all genres of music, and I play a multitude of instruments including, but not limited to, guitar, piano, drums, ukulele, trumpet, and kalimba.

The color of my toothbrush is I think blue. I don’t know it changes a lot.

Regional Executive Board

Evan Fennessey

Membership/Kadima VP 

I am from sunny Orlando Florida, and I’m a member of SOJUSY (HOW JUICY??)

My favorite USY moment was at my freshmen mid-winter subregional convention. A member of a local chapter and his family had recently passed away. In honor of him, our entire sub-region sang Little lion man by Mumford and Sons, a song he sang many times at camp. It showed me that USY is not just an organization but a family.

At the top of my bucket list is to travel to Israel and try the shawarma.

A Jewish food that would best represent me, Sufganiyot, soft on the outside, and sweet on the inside!

Regional Executive Board

Jordyn Figur

Ein Gedi Sub Regional President

I am from Charleston, South Carolina, although I was born in the Midwest (according to official documents, but actually I was born on Krypton)

My favorite USY moment was when the whole sub-region gets into that one mood where we not only think everything is hilarious, but we make everything we do into a memory and subsequent inside joke/tradition.

My favorite thing to do when I have free time is...What’s freetime? I have school, USY, two jobs (ask me how I got my job at Build-A-Bear), weekly acting classes, an entire month (except Shabbat) that I’m in rehearsals and performances for a play, and apparently people expect me to go to college so I have to do that too now :/ 

The color of my toothbrush is…Pfft. I don’t brush my teeth with a piece of plastic from the store. I use my finger!

Regional Executive Board

Arin Nathans

Mercaz Sub-Regional President

I am from Jacksonville, Florida… go Jags! My home chapter is JJC… go turtles!

My favorite USY moment was so far is from Regional Convention in 2019. The smoke detector went off in my hotel room suddenly and my roomies and so tried everything possible to get it to stop. Eventually, the hotel maintenance had to come and save us, but right after they left, our water stopped working! It was quite the adventure and one that I will never forget 🙂

At the top of my bucket list, I desperately want to live in Israel for a period of time!!! I also would love to travel to Italy!

A Jewish food that would best represent me, I absolutely love rugelach! I tried them in Israel last summer and fell in love. The dough is amazing and the chocolate with it is even better!

Regional Executive Board

Chelsea Horwitz

Arvot Sub-Regional President 

I am from Parkland, Fl

My favorite USY moment was my first convention when some random kids I didn’t know introduced themselves and included me in their group. I’m now super close to all of them and more!

My favorite thing to do when I have free time is Sleep or video games(Minecraft and Madden 20 at the moment)

The color of my toothbrush is Blue!